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Our UTH Florida University International Community

June 29, 2016 - Patricia Osorio

Each academic period, brings excellent news, more and more people from Central and South America join the student community in UTH Florida University thus enriching our virtual classrooms with the enrichment of its cultural varieties, customs and experiences that contribute to the development of new prospects from the multiculturalism perspective.

The contribution of internationality that UTH Florida provides to the academic and student community experience is considered to be invaluable. So we encourage students to open their minds and to actively participate in forums, group work and student chat, to share their experiences, knowledge, ideas and cultivate mutual respect.

In this article we include photographs that students from Colombia and Ecuador, have sent us and we want to share with you. Our students living in the United States and other countries, we would love you to send us your personal photographs so you can be part of the student blog at: patricia.osorio@uthflorida.us

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