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Beyond Excellence

Employing Innovative Technology

  • Education 100% On-Line
  • Designes Especifically for On-Line Distribution
  • Study from anywhere in the world

High Quality

  • Authorized by the State of Florida, USA
  • Methods and  Materials form Harvard Business School

Flexible Schedules

  • Allowing Work and Study Simultaneously
  • Permits Completion of Programs in a Short Time


  • Efficent Operation Sharing Savings with Students
  • Low Costs & High Quality


UTH Florida University is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education. Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

Who Are UTH Florida’s Students?

UTH Florida University was created to serve the immigrant community in Florida and the United States. By offering the flexibility of online education and affordable tuition UTH Florida University expects that its graduates will achieve improved career development and earning prospects over the long term. At the same time, UTH Florida University is the ideal choice for students in Latin America that want to enhance their career prospects by holding a degree issued by a University licensed by the Florida Department of Education since an American degree may be perceived as having more commercial value and transferability by the marketplace.

Case Method

All courses at the post-graduate level and many at the undergraduate level are taught utilizing the case method which immerses the students in actual situations faced by real enterprises and requires students to derive and propose solutions which must be defended among alternatives presented by other students. This method involves active student participation and stimulates the development of critical thinking. The case method is taught as a diagnostic tool to be used in analyzing problems, recognize patterns and is designed to learn from the instructors as well as other students in an environment that promotes sharing collective experiences and unique points of view. Within the discussion of each case, specific business tools are taught and applied to the particular situation under analysis. Students are required to analyze a problem, develop solutions, consider alternatives and choose an action path. Decisions are shared with other students and defended in open discussion, stimulating group cooperation, communication skills and critical analysis of all alternatives.

Harvard Business School Publishing

The case materials utilized by UTH Florida University have been developed and distributed by the Harvard Business School and Harvard Business Publishing. Additionally, all UTH Florida University Instructors have been trained by Harvard Business School Professors to use the case method as a teaching tool. The materials and training received from the Harvard Business School and Harvard Business Publishing are very important factors in fulfilling our commitment to provide a high level of quality in our business and management education.

No Need To Learn English To Get Education

All courses at UTH Florida University are conducted 100% in Spanish. Thus, there is no need to learn English to get education form our university located in the State of Florida. The principles taught on a Business education are universal and there is no need to translate them in order to learn them or apply them to a student’s career. The goal of UTH Florida University is to teach and develop the tools necessary for a career in the business world and knowledge of English, while important, is not essential to a successful professional career. Students who desire to develop their English language skills are encouraged enroll in specialized language schools.

Innovative + High Quality + Affordable

UTH Florida University is 100% online and delivers its service in a purposely designed virtual environment utilizing leading edge technologies to meet our students learning needs. We deliver quality learning experiences through problem solving while encouraging creativity and innovation. UTH Florida University is committed to the distance learning model. We believe that on-line education is the disruptive innovation of the 21st century that will break the higher education paradigm and finally bring affordable and high quality education to everyone and everywhere thus allowing our communities and countries to grow and prosper.

Flexible Schedules

Online education offers great scheduling flexibility permitting students to study at convenient times, easily allowing to accommodate the requirements of keeping a job and earn income while studying to earn a degree in order to improve economic prospects.


Online education is a simpler, no frills option that doesn’t include the “college life experience”. In exchange, it does offer a cost effective way of obtaining the desired degrees and career tools.

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