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Educational Philosophy

UTH Florida University employs a webpage as its global portal or main access point to the online delivery educational system. To this effect, UTH Florida University has developed an easy-access, dynamic e-learning portal that will enable students to receive their classes in a secure and professional environment. UTH Florida University will provide all learning resources and materials to students and faculty via the e-learning platform.

All learning resources, including information provided by third parties, will be accessed through our centralized platform. All users may interact with the platform in both synchronous and asynchronous manners. There are asynchronous activities where all participants need not be present or connected at the same time, such as the interaction in forums, post offices, wikis, etc. Synchronous activities, on the other hand, are interactions in real time or live and include chat and video conferencing, among others.

The UTH Florida University learning platform is designed to work with any personal computer, laptop, or tablet running a web browser with access to an internet connection.

Hardware & Software Requirements

The minimum requirements to access the online courses are:

Hardware: Personal Computer or Laptop Computer or Tablet
• Processor type: Dual Core
• Memory: Depending on Operating System
• Internet access at 512 Kbps
• Internet Browser:
– Preferred: Google Chrome
– Other Acceptable:
– Mozilla Firefox
– Microsoft Explorer 11
– Apple Opera or Safari

Recommended Software:
• Word Processing: Microsoft Word or similar
• Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel or similar
• Virus Detection Program: installed & kept up to date
• Adobe Acrobat Reader: installed & kept up to date
• Adobe Flash: installed & kept up to date


Attendance is mandatory in all distance education courses. All courses are offered in synchronous and asynchronous learning formats. To be in attendance for the week, a student may log in at any time and must complete assignments by the scheduled date. Additionally, students must participate in scheduled live discussions via chat or video. Please refer to the course syllabus for the assignments and due dates.

At the end of an academic period, students who have ten percent (10%) or more unexplained absences in half or more of the registered courses will be placed on probation and may be dismissed. Excused absences will be granted only for acceptable mitigating circumstances. The course instructor shall have exclusive authority to decide on the acceptability of an excused absence.

Faculty will use participation in forums, chats, assignments, learning activities, and live discussions to determine students’ attendance or lack thereof. In order to make this determination, faculty will consider direct observations and records as well as reports generated by the automated learning platform.

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